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What is a Regular Dude?

So what does Regular Dude and this logo mean? First of all we are really all just regular guys working our lives away, paying taxes, and just trying to survive in this crazy world. Regular dudes get up every day and sacrifice everything in them to take care of their families. Most of us like to hunt, fish, hike, camp, love dogs, and anything to do with the outdoors. We also love our country, the freedoms that come with it, and hope they aren't stripped away. The Regular Dude has meaning behind it that we can all relate to. After all the struggling I went through last year and in my life this saying really hits home with me. That's how the Regular Dude was born.


Dale Lowe 141.76lb blue catfish regular dude
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Regular Folks doing regular stuff

Regular Dudes in the Outdoors

Regular folks doing regular things

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